Invest in Eco Chef sustainable induction cooking technology for your new home

As you begin your journey of marriage together, it’s time to think further than just the colour of the wedding bouquet and more about the kind of lifestyle you want to embrace together. The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home and the choices made here reflect what you’re all about as a family.

Eco Chef Induction stoves embrace the values of sustainability and cost effectiveness. Induction technology is sleek, eco-friendly, saves energy, easy to clean, cooks faster and more consistently, and is so much safer for young children than traditional cooking appliances. Something to consider when buying appliances for a new home.

Eco Chef Induction stoves:

  • Are faster:
    Food and liquids heat up 50% faster on induction stoves when compared to electric or gas cooktops.
  • Have better temperature control:
    This reduces the risk of over or under cooking and makes for delicious results every time.
  • Are easier to clean:
    The glass cooktop can be cleaned easily with a non-abrasive, grease removing cleaner and warm water.
  • Have automatic cookware detection to conserve energy:
    The appliance automatically adjusts to the size of your pot or pan, so no energy is wasted in the process.
  • Are safer:
    Burns and accidents are unlikely as the stovetop shuts down automatically when a pot or pan is removed. This is a big plus for keeping your family safe, especially with young children.
  • Are more eco-friendly and energy efficient:
    Induction cooking is far more energy efficient than using gas and traditional electric stoves. Popular electrical element cooktops are estimated to use 320 watt-hours (Wh) of electricity to boil 2 litres of water compared to 225 watt-hours (Wh) for an induction cooktop. This means saving 42% with an induction cooktop, if both units are used to full capacity.

Eco Chef Induction stoves are available as single or double plate appliances, with even a handy portable camping stove option for your first family holiday.

Equip your new home with eco-friendly, cost saving, convenient, safe and effective cooking technology and save for years to come. Now is the ideal time to invest in an Eco Chef induction stove or even add one to your gift registry!

Eco Chef Camper Single Plate Induction Stove
Eco Chef Double Plate Induction Stove

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